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 To Reclaim Your Life

If you are ready, willing, and committed to doing the work, The 5 A Formula to Reclaim Your Life will truly change your life!

The 5 A Formula to Reclaim Your Life is not only a testimony of Janet Marie’s breakdown and breakthrough to a journey of peace and joy but also a step-by-step guide to help others experience that same peace. This book takes you on a path of deep reflection in order to help you truly understand yourself and the root of who and why you are exactly who you are. This exploration is personal and painful but working through the pain is necessary to get to the place of healing your desire. Janet Marie shares the revelations she made about herself by working through the battle zones that were an integral part of the growth that led to her ultimate  transformation. Her transparency throughout the book is refreshing and is a reminder that acknowledging your pain, your position, and your possibilities is the first step to reclaiming your life. It is only through this honesty that you too can uncover the real you. If you are ready, willing, and committed to doing the work, The 5 A Formula to Reclaim Your Life will truly change your life!

These 5 A’s singularly changed my life for the better by helping me tap into my true self, and I am here to take this journey with you and show you how to let the 5 A Formula change your life as well!

  1. Acknowledge my role in the circumstances in my life;

  2. Accept where I went wrong;

  3. Arm myself with the tools and strategies to improve;

  4. Use ammunition of strength and empowerment; and then

  5. Act by intentionally taking steps towards the peace and happiness I wanted for myself.

The 5A Formula is available in Paperback and Hardcover on Amazon!

The Five A Formula to Reclaim Your Life is a guide to help you acknowledge and accept the pain you have experienced and arm yourself with ammunition of self-love to help you act upon taking the necessary steps to heal. All people need healing! The 5 A’s is how we fight our daily battles and get to a place of peace. 

Writing with Pen
The 5A Curriculum 

A step-by-step guide of self-reflection to help individuals realize hidden truths about themselves and after acknowledging these truths I work with clients to “Do the work” necessary to get to self-actualization. 


The coaching series is designed to help clients learn “How to Create a Space for Inner Peace While Stopping the Struggles of Stress, and Anxiety.” Through these courses and exploration of self it is my goal that each person be encouraged and motivated to work successfully through their own voyage by getting clarity of who they are to live a fulfilled, guilt free life and reach the joy they desire. I believe that “Being honest with yourself about yourself is the beginning of a happier and healthier life!”

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