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I want to be that bridge to connect people.

Raw & Uncut

Raw and Uncut came to life because the beauty of talk shows changed. Talk shows was the everyday person’s therapy and counseling sessions. The shows created conversations for people to open themselves up and talk about their challenges. I can remember when the topics for the shows would be announced, people would call one another and say, tune into Oprah, she will be talking about whatever the daily topic was, which was a conversation that you connected with, and it would be helpful. Everyday people during that time did not know much about counselors or therapist. Those shows were your laying on the sofa with your therapist. People were looking for solutions to become a better person and to overcome their challenging circumstances. Those shows helped so many people in diverse ways. 


I want to be that bridge to connect people. I believe that when you share your story it will encourage and empower other people to become more effective in their life. 

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