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Janet Marie Hefney

Become who you desire to be. 

My diverse career as an entrepreneur and personal life challenges has given me so many experiences. My journey has led me to become a serial entrepreneur, real estate agent for 20 years, author, writer, life coach, ADHD/ADD Coach, podcaster and a speaker.


I am a believer that other people’s story is the guide and power to help other people. I pride myself to be the bridge to connect people, so they will realize they’re not alone with their everyday life challenges. I believe that when you share your story, it will empower other people and help them to take the next step to become their best-self, including you. 

My passion and dedication as an ADHD/ADD coach stems from my son’s struggle with ADHD. My initial lack of understanding of the diagnosis caused me to miss out on providing the necessary tools to help my son use his ADHD/ADD as a help and not a hurdle. As a result, I deems it necessary to equip as many people as I can with this information to avoid some of the challenges my son and I faced.


I have a step-by-step guide of self-reflection to help individuals realize hidden truths about themselves and after acknowledging these truths I work with client to “Do the work” necessary to get to self-actualization. My coaching series is designed to help clients learn “How to Create a Space for Inner Peace While Stopping the Struggles of Stress, Anxiety, and ADHD/ADD.” Through these courses and exploration of self it is my goal that each person be encouraged and motivated to work successfully through their own voyage by getting clarity of who they are in order to live a fulfilled, guilt free life and reach the joy they desire. I believe that “Being honest with yourself about yourself is the beginning of a happier and healthier life!” 


The courses will help maximize potential and use ADHD/ADD to empower oneself. Doing the work shows you who you truly are, helps you believe in yourself, and ultimately helps you to pursue and fulfill your dreams.


The classes are designed for people with or without ADHD/ADD.

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