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Janet Marie

Janet Marie’s diverse career as a Real Estate Broker, Restaurateur, Business Consultant, Event Planner, and Entrepreneur has given her the opportunity to work with clients throughout the world including Thailand, Europe, the United States, and the Bahamas to name a few.  Her passion for helping others, personal experiences with her son's ADD diagnosis, and discovery of common struggles lead her to become an ADHD Coach (with a series entitled, “A Formula to Success”), Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and author of The 5 A Formula to Reclaim Your Life. 

To become your best self, you must have the
courage to question your “Why’s”
Your Why’s will lead you to a
discovery of finding your true self.

ADHD Life Coaching

Janet Marie knows that ADHD can be revised into a strength and the energy and enthusiasm that often comes with this disorder can translate into passion and dedication


Be In Control of Your Business
Don’t allow your business to be in control of you.

To  Reclaim  Your  Life

If you are ready, willing, and committed to doing the work, The 5 A Formula to Reclaim Your Life will truly change your life!


 Raw & Uncut 

Raw and Uncut was created for everyday people, talking about their life challenges and happiness to share with people who are alike to simply find a peace of mind that will give them a sense of clarity to make better choices for their life.

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